Strategy & Planning

 Every campaign needs strategy, planning and execution. Let Razz bring our expertise to the table and guide your campaign.


Creative Design

Your first impression may be your only impression. Let Razz bring our creative design to your brand ensuring a lasting impression.


Technology Development

With Razz comes our technology development skills and that means a customized experience for our brands and their followers.


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing means combining Razz’s strategy, design, technology development and extensive experience with successful social campaigns.

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Our Portfolio

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About Razz

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Who we are

Razz was formed by passionate people in love with social and the power of technology. We’re adept at developing solutions that build brands social engagement.




Work smarter and not harder. Be efficient and abundantly effective. Make our clients happy and exceed expectations.



Razz continually pushes the boundaries of digital campaigns by developing news tools that reach consumers where they want to be reached – on social networks. We craft technology and combine those tools with social campaigns to achieve success in the digital space for our artists and brands.



To continue growing the social influence of our brand partners using creativity, marketing technology and by starting conversations.


Meet our Team

Hard working crew

Our success – lies in the many talents of our team lead by our founding members. Razz and online casino österreich, like most marketing campaigns, is full of various moving parts that all come together with one common goal – be more creative and tell better stories than anyone else. Learn more about our founding members below.

Elizabeth Colina

VP, Creative Director & Co-Founder

Rachael Dayne

VP, Marketing & Co-Founder

Sebastian Mourra

CEO & Co-Founder


Joshua Swanson

Chairman & Co-Founder


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Heard enough? – Let’s start working.

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